Chapter one ❥  
Personal Project

This story takes place in a fantasy world, somewhere between the past and the future. A magical world where mystical insect-like creatures, growing in eggs, are considered treasures. And they have a name for themselves. They are called "FETISH", because they are believed to have a magical power that protects or helps their owner. Each egg, evolves in a different landscape, and has its own creature with its own properties. They are very rare to find, but if you find one, it will be your friend and will protect you for life. In a place where humans have no power, no technology, nothing, all that is left is nature and the wonders it holds. This story is composed in 5 chapters, and as it unfolds, you will discover many supernatural things, strange creatures, glorious landscapes.

Welcome to chapter 1: The Wonder Earth. ✦ More Chapter to come soon ✦