I am Roxi Basa, a self-taught 3D artist with a background in fashion photography from Paris, based in Amsterdam. I create fantastic, dreamlike and mystical works with a strong and unique narrative. My work explores a new visual language and allows the viewer to escape and feel emotion through stories. I work mainly in the field of fashion, music, art and culture.  My skills range from 3D illustrations, CGI, graphic design, art direction, ux & ui design and visual content production even if I don't like to restrict myself to a specific medium and like to experiment . I am passionate about learning and always looking for new challenges.

Things happen for a reason, and maybe that's why you are on this website today. Don't hesitate to contact me through my email below, and let's start creating a wonderful universe and story together. For work-related requests, press, prints, any informations, please drop a line at

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︎ Dazed Beauty
︎ Vogue Russia
︎ The Metaspace
︎ Neighbourhood Magazine
︎ Garagisme Magazine n8